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air shows
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About Sky-Lens

About Sky-Lens'Aviation'
Who is behind Sky-Lens'Aviation' ?
This is my own magazine that I fully publish myself with my own pictures. is the only " other guy ", a top designer who builds the website structure.

My name is François Brévot, and I am a french born aviation and airshow digital aviation photographer, and so, a citizen of the old continent. Within this magazine you will read on airshows and air events mainly in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

As you will have noticed, my activities reflect the rich and " exotic " airscene everywhere in the world.

This website is fully dedicated to aviation reports in air events, and all subjects that may reflect what is sky 'art' and aviation drama to me, aviation legends and museums.

All pictures and reports are under my own Copyright and so all rights within this website are reserved. As a matter of facts, I strongly recommend that you don't use my pictures without a requirement sent to me, as all pictures in this website are protected by a copyright. If you do publish anything without my permission, beware I will not joke.

Under 'Goodies', enthusiasts will find pictures and puzzles they can download and use for their own.

I shoot military and vintage airplanes, helicopters, airliners, and all types of modern fast or 'flying' technologies.

I have been using Nikon cameras for a little more that 14 years. I use Nikon D300 and D3s digital cameras and all the latest Nikon lenses range from the 24 - 70 mm f2.8 ED AFS, to the 300 mm f2.8 G IF-ED AFS VR.

Sky-Lens'Aviation' - Franois Brvot - All rights reserved - Une création