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Mes ' Thirty Thousand Feet ' dans le ' Geeks ' Podcast américain. 10/26/2008


A real in depth Aviation Directory, and a ' Geeks ' podcast.

You may wonder how to find the most interesting aviation news, airfields and air events to visit in the world or how to proceed with researches on the web, without being confused and lost with thousands of websites related with aviation concerns ? And how does Sky-Lens'Aviation' get some of the rare aviation events and news data from the web ?

I am convinced that the most reliable directory I have ever used to gather in depth aviation news from anywhere is the ' Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation News ' aviation website : . As an example I mainly enjoy the clever selection of websites on . I can link myself to that page that contains the best selection of news and fun , and instead of crowling with Google or Altavista for hours myself to find something new in the sky , ' Thirty Thousand Feet ' does the job for us, and it is updated weekly.

So I have asked Max Flight - who is the ' Thirty Thousand Feet ' editor - to explain how he managed to build such a huge project on the web.

As Max says : ' Thirty Thousand Feet is one of the oldest and largest aviation directories on the Internet, covering all aspects of commercial, military, and general aviation. It was started in 1996 simply as a way for me to collect links I found to aviation websites. Back then there were not too many of them and they were hard to find. As the list of websites became long, it became necessary to divide it up into sections by category. Thus it became an aviation directory. I never intended for it to last so long but I kept getting more and more visitors and the feedback was very positive. As long as the site was useful to others, I decided to keep it going.(...) Many visitors to Thirty Thousand Feet are looking for some specific information but when they arrive they find themselves jumping from page to page following one aviation topic to another. It's almost like an exploration. If you love aviation, Thirty Thousand Feet can be a good place to explore areas that you may not be too familiar with. '

Then in 2008, Max Flight met Courtney Miller to launch an aviation podcast : . Its content is quite in depth and deals whith aviation business matters. I find both speakers quite professional and entertaining as well, with serious interviews on business topics.

Max also explains how their podcast was born : ' In 2008, I got an email from someone named Courtney Miller, who I did not know. He was looking for someone to join him in a podcast that would discuss aviation industry news and maybe have guests. I said "yes" and the Airplane Geeks Podcast was born. Each week we talk about recent industry news, usually with an industry expert of some kind, then we have a main topic that we discuss. That's followed by an aviation website pick of the week, listener mail, and sometimes other interesting things. Probably most of the discussion is about commercial aviation, but we also talk about general aviation and military aviation.(...) The Airplane Geeks Podcast does more than just report the news - it is dedicated to discussing current events of interest to aviation enthusiasts in an engaging format. Each week an industry expert contributes their own unique perspective. '

I was pretty much impressed with the Geeks Podcast news that I had not found in the press. Did you know that Eclipse Aviation will build its jets in Russia ? Would you like to have more informations about the Airbus Military Aircraft programs in the USA ? So the best thing to do is to click every week on .

Airplane Geeks

Episode 19 is now available for your listening pleasure with Dan Webb (from the Things in The Sky blog) returning to join Max and Court.  The three geeks discuss the effects of current events on the airlines: the falling price of oil, the imploding world economy, the swings in airline stock prices, and some other things that probably don't matter in the end but are fun to talk about anyway.



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