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Omaka 2011 : V2 rocket under attack. 22/04/2011


Omaka 2011 

Part One : WWII

Classic Fighters Airshow was held on Easter weekend at Omaka airfield on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April. Omaka is also home of the incredible Aviation Heritage Centre, as reported on  An amazing WWII german V2 rocket replica was built by local enthusiasts. Having served for two days only, on third and last day, it was attacked by british tommies well supported by allied WWII fighters that straffed the dangerous weapon. Obviously that rocket was finely filled with enough TNT to please the public, ending as a fireball.

This airshow saw the debut of a FW190 freshly delivered to The Chariots of Fire collection by FlugWerk (Germany). Sadly that ASh-82 russian engine propelled german fighter saw the same fate as other aircraft of the type built by that very company : a blade was damaged in the engine, but fortunately that FW did not 'splach' in the water as Christophe Jacquard's did in June 2010... and it landed safely after a few more flight tests. This Fw190 is a marvelous replica built by real professional enginners, and there is no doubt to me that this technical problem will be solved by the german chaps soon. Another novelty came under the shape of a P-40 C Tomahawk. This unique model in the world is owned by Rod Lewis. It was just completed by AVSpecs Ltd, Ardmore, near Auckland, right in time for the show. More vintage warplanes such as WWI aeroplanes will appear in a next report inside this section.







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