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Airshow China 2012 daily display. 11/03/2012


    Airshow China 2012  daily flying display 

Sky-Lens’Aviation’ is to attend Airshow China 2012 , from November 15th to 18th, near Guangdong, in People’s Republic of China. A report with photographs will be issued in these News pages.

Flying display is  online today on Good news for the Russian Knights enthusiasts is that this national team is definitely confirmed. It will be the first time the Knights will perform away from Russia since Bahrain Airshow last January 2012. Then two Cy-27s were scheduled to Farnborough, but they had to miss it for not having received clearance to go to the show from their administration. Four to five Cy-27s (or Cy-30s) took off on november 6th / 7th, to travel all the way to China. They have rehearsed their routine on november 2nd - over their home base Kubinka. Everybody will notice that Russian Knights are due to display two times a day on 16th, 17th and 18th : morning and afternoon, despite all other teams will only display once a day. It has always been a nice custom with that team to steal the show that way.

Breitling Jet Team will also be part of the big stars of the airshow, as part of their Dragon Tour. The seven Breitling Jet Team pilots landed at Zhuhai on october 18th, flying on Aero L-39s. Two Boeing Stearman wingwalkers coming from England and also from Breitling, will take part with two glamorous walking ladies on the wings, while - swiss ex-Mirage III pilot - Yves Rossy will act as Breitling Jetman skydiver. Also  coming from Switzerland, Pilatus PC-12 is scheduled to display.

The third big team will be " August 1st " , chinese PLAAF national team. These six Chengdu J-10 have impressed crowds with their first public display during China Airshow 2010 at Zhuhai. They have never been displaying outside China yet. Though not many chinese airplanes are scheduled to fly, the new COMAC ARJ21 airliner is due to make its flying debut. As reported by other media Harbin WZ-19 and CAIC WZ-10 helicopters are the real chinese military novelties in that airshow.

Last but not least, Pakistan Air Force will display the JF-17 combat aircraft This fighter is powered by one Klimov RD-93 engine and equipped with a chinese KLJ-7 multi-function X band radar. It is the result of a cooperation between Pakistan and China, to equip Pakistan Air Force. Interesting prospects for export are foreseen for this airplane, in the Middle East and Africa.

RIA NovostiLe groupe russe d'acrobatie aérienne Russkie Vitiazi (Preux russes). Archives Airshow China 2012: les Russkie Vitiazi prêts à se produire

16:14 02/11/2012 Le groupe russe d'acrobatie aérienne Russkie Vitiazi (Preux russes) se produira dans le cadre du salon aérospatial Airshow China 2012 qui se déroulera du 13 au 18 novembre à Zhuhai, a annoncé vendredi à RIA Novosti une source au sein du Service fédéral russe de coopération technico-militaire.>>

RIA NovostiSu-35Airshow China 2012: les avionneurs russes répondent présent

15:02 12/11/2012 La Compagnie aéronautique unifiée (OAK) rassemblant les principaux avionneurs russes présentera ses derniers appareils militaires et civils lors du salon Airshow China 2012 qui se déroulera du 13 au 18 novembre à Zhuhai, en Chine méridionale.>>



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