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Airshow China 2012 preview. 09/29/2012


    Airshow China 2012


Latest world class August 1st Chinese team , and a Russian one - claimed to be disbanded soon (?...) – thesej alone ustify a photographic travel to Zhuhai.

Sky-Lens’Aviation’ is to attend Airshow China 2012 ( ), taking place from November 15th to 18th, near Guangdong, in People’s Republic of China. But never a so much expected airshow has ever been blessed with so many rumours. The still awaited list of attending aircraft fills “ much hoped to see… “ and “ never seen before in air display… ” airplanes coming into everyone’s imagination .

Many events explain why airplanes specialists lenses are so much turned towards Zhuhai. Few pictures showing the new Shenyang J-21/31/F-60 (still to achieve its first flight) have been released in defense medias in summer end. On September 23rd was the inauguration day of Liaobing aircraft carrier (first PLAN aircraft carrier). This amazing ship is due to service J-15 fighter a/c, JL-9 trainer a/c, and also Z-9, Z-8 and Ka-28 helos.( ).These events illustrate very well the “ great leap forward “ performed by Chinese military forces, enabling this nation to become one of the four largest military powers in the XXIst Century. Under such circumstances, many types of Chinese jet airplanes are very much hoped for a flying display, but the identity of participating aircraft has not been yet released. And it goes without saying that a 5th Generation item comes to imagination, but is unlikely to be in that show … And it is not known whether the Pakistan JF-17 will display again, though this airplane is highly marketed by the Pakistan Air Force on behalf of both Pakistan and Chinese industry. As soon as we know more about the flying display, an updated preview will be published in this “ News “ column. But for now, it is very exciting to know that several historical and modern airplanes from the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) are to take part to the static and flying displays.

As today we already know that the amazing August 1st national team of China, flying six  Shenyang J-10 jetfighters will perform in the show, and also the french/swiss Breitling Jet Team, participating for their first time ever at an airshow in China with seven or six Aero L-39 Albatros. As one of Brietling's L-39s crashed in Belgium on September 15th  - luckily with an escaping aircrew – it remains to be seen if there will be more than six jets flying at Zhuhai.  Russian Knights are confirmed. They will undoubtedly be among the main stars at Airshow China, flying five Su-27s. This Russian team is claimed by russian medias to convert into a new type of aircraft but military sources cite a wide range of airplanes due to equip the team,  such as MiG-29 K, Su-30- Su-35, and even the Yak-130... , depending on sources. My personal point of view is that Yak-130 is the only contender that does absolutely not fill the bill for such a team. It would look ridiculous to see the Knights whose “ raison d’être “ is to fly heavy combat aircraft flying so light jets. Russian Knights are world famous for being the only national military team to perform on heavy jet fighters. So let’s have a big load of pictures on both the Chinese and Russian national teams, as if I trust media sources , who knows…, it could be the last time I photograph that bloody Russian team (?)

It will also be awesome to see the Breitling Wingwalkers from Great-Britain in Eastern China. Two of their Boeing Stearman will fly with beautiful ladies strapped on the wings. The case of Yves Rossy also participating with his skydiving “ Jetman ” act features well the fact Airshow China plays on the world’s best airshows playgrounds. If only we could see such diverse and spectacular display teams and items in Paris or Farnborough…


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