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Jersey International Air Display 2012. 09/09/2012


  Jersey International Air Display 201with a Viggen ...

  Airshow pears trust Jersey Air Display as best airshow in 2012 season. A panoramic point of view ...

Where in the world, is there an airspace shared between french vintage airplanes that are never seen elsewhere in british airshows, the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the Swedish Air Force historic Flight, and the Red Arrows ? You may have bet the place is called Jersey Island, as every second week of September, an airshow is organised over the Bay of St Hellier. The event commemorates the Battle of Britain and resistance of Jersey people against german occupation in the second World War. Jersey Air Display was elected favourite UK (and France…) airshow by Sky-Lens’Aviation’ and surely it is in my top three best in Europe. Suffice to remind that alone, the superb arena and landscape in the Bay provide 50% of main ingredients to that appeal. Even better, Jersey International Air Display was ranked as best airshow in 2012 by the European Airshow Council (EAC), and so it was awarded Paul Bowen Trophy by the EAC Convention held in Antwerpen – Belgium – in February 2013.

Watching a rare B-52 Stratofortress overrunning the Bay : it sounds unreal over the Channel Islands ...

This year’s Air Display took place on September 13th. was graced by horizontal sunshine beams, much typical of the Channel Islands and Normandy, and very much enjoyed by Nikon sharp lenses. For the first time ever, a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - from the 917th Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command-  took part and opened a non NATO-military display (!) with a complete show over the Bailif. The “Buff” executed graceful passes, even showing wings from upside. It is worth noticing that people could see this B-52 on show at Ostrava, in the Czech Republik, a few weeks later... Later on that day, people could watch a T-28 Fennec, a Hawker Sea Fury, the BBMF (the “Lanc.” flanked by one Hurricane MkIIb and one Spitfire XIX), the RAF Tucano and Hawk solo displays, RN Seaking over the beach, and the  French Rennes airport-based Patrouille “Tranchant”, flying four Fouga Magister vintage jets. “Tranchant” was also the sponsor of a Cri-cri launched from the wings of a Max Holste Broussard. No doubts that stars of the event where the Swedish AF Historic Flight.

AJS-37 Viggen flown by Stellan Andersson leads the flight, with Ollie Noren flying the Tunnan, and Lars Martinsson in the Sk60

It is doubtful whether swedish citizens have ever seen these Saab AJ-37 Viggen, J-29 Tunnan and Saab 105 (Sk-60b) flying altogether ; a few minutes after that unique flypast, they performed a graceful break. Each vintage Swedish jet then performed its individual routine, and the Viggen was memorable enough to me as I had not heard a single such typical Volvo Flygmotor RM engine roaring for more than 15 years. These jets are maintained by ex-Swedish Air Force engineers and pilots. Red Arrows and Patrouille de France also displayed in what I consider to be their best amphitheatre in the world. The day before, airplanes and aircrew are accessible to be watched on St Hellier airport. If you are an air enthusiast leaving less than 400 km to Jersey, and if you have never been to Jersey before, you probably missed something. So now, for next Septembe 12tr 2013 Battle of Britain Day, you know what you have to do : buy an airline ticket from London to St Hellier airport, or a ferry ticket from St Malo if you are a french potential visitor. More information is available on


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