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Zeltweg en VO italienne. 07/25/2011


Feel the Power (AirPower 2011 , Zeltweg, Part two)

The italian style ...

Any international airshow they display in, as soon as these ten ' Pony ' MB-339s leave the runway, many people are reached by a strange feeling that Frecce Tricolori are just acting as the complete and main act of the full airshow day, just as if no one else has flown before them ... Trughly it is. As enthusiastic voice from speaker A. Saia keeps anyone's attention better than any best TV actor would do.., two boxes of five italian ' Ponies ' roar in, and fill the sky with so much fumigenes that it is hard to distinguish some of the MB-339 jets behind green, white, and red clouds of powder, and even more difficult it is then, to take pictures. According to what they always have done since they started flying the MBs in 1982, Frecce Tricolori perform a show just like no other team in the world has ever tried to do, with just one solo airplane performing and doing crazy things like the ' Crazy Flight ' and the best looking tailslide in the world ending with its ' Lomçovak ' . I keep hopes that one day some airmen in that central part of Europe will clear my mind on the meaning of ' Lomçovak ' better than the italian guys may. Obviously the team is fully theatrical and noisy and during AirPower 2011, 10 Frecce Tricoloris added their contribution to the display line-up to electrify spectators, with the world famous gear down flypast pulling national colours along with the voice of Pavaroti, to name just a few flypasts such as Schneider turns and crossings between one group of five airplanes and the other team of four. There is some national pride with Frecce Tricolori. This team has its own supporters Club, and only Patrouille Suisse has its own as well (!)



To complete the national package, Aeronautica Militare Italiana displayed an Alenia C-27 J as probably the only one of its kind of airlifters to perform a complete loop. As C-27 J is very much on show in the world to seek possible big customers, it looks interesting to remind how some italian representatives had already claimed that newest Aermacchi M346 airplanes are to equip the Frecce soon. First statement of the kind was at Paris air Show 2007. So that one being the only latest generation Lead-in Fighter Trainer built in Europe, it is easy to guess that on obvious grounds of commercial support, Frecce Tricolori Team may be on its way to a bright future. And given the bad trend of cuts on military budgets in the EU, no one knows what will happen with major aerobatic teams. So happy future ...


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