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Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace - Le Bourget : hidden treasures. 10/20/2009


Hulks and hidden airframes...

The french Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace restauration department is on Dugny tarmac (part of Le Bourget airport - North of the airfield and neighbouring the Aéronavale Air Base). As the Museum at Le Bourget is not large enough to display all airplanes, most of the collections are kept away from the public eyes, with many pieces being under restauration. Once a year on a September 19th and 20th weekend that is dedicated to the national monuments, that treasure is on view to the public, and opened for access. Interestingly a huge collection of french built engines from the first Antoinettes to latest Snecma ATAR turbojets are being displayed there in a brand new hangar (also housing a Short Seaplane being worked on by apprentices). While many hangars house airplane hulks, the Ailes Anciennes de Dugny also work in their own. On September, the Musée's He-162 fully revamped by the Ailes Anciennes was on show there. This time capsule jet aircraft was painted again with the scheme it wore more than 60 years ago, as the real colours were discovered again by the ' Ailes ' team under the " false " squadron colours it has worn since the end of the WWII conflict.

In the Gallery section a detailed work show french airplanes close ups and textures : , and in the Goodies you will find the Super Mirage 4000 prototype at Dugny airfield, while it was on show on September 2009.

All in all, it was the opportunity to experience the real craftmanship behind the men of the Réserves du Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, and the Ailes Anciennes de Dugny. It was a summer and dry day for photography.


... and the Aéropuces market

One week later on September 26th and 27th, we went back to Le Bourget, but to the other side of the airfield : the Museum. The two Concordes Hall became a a heaven for aviation small treasures : the aeropuces. This market is opened once a year, on a September weekend to individuals and commercials who sell aviation memorabilia, aircraft parts, all sorts of metal or wood models, vintage books and kits, toys, airlines artefacts and souvenirs, and much more.




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