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A Dragon Saab J-35 O Drakken in the Austrian Air Force Museum. 07/28/2009


AirPower 2009  : visiting the ' Dragon Knights ' Saab J-35 O Drakken ...

Air Force Museum on Hinterstoisser Air Base - Zeltweg - in Austria owns one of the very last Saab J-35 Oe Drakken that used to fly with the austrian forces in 2005, before latest generation first EADS Eurofighter Typhoons were delivered. AirPower 09 (full report on ) was the opportunity to visit this museum located on Zeltweg Air Base and shoot this superb airplane that was properly iconic of the 1970s military jets design art. The ' Dragon Knights ' aircraft had this special scheme to pay tribute to the last flying J-35 Oes in Austria. This aircraft is a peace of art in its own.




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