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Québec International Airshow 2008 : four best teams together 06/30/2008


  Q uébec International Airshow 2008

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Québec International Airshow 2008 was held on Jean Lesage airport from June 13th to June 15th 2008, as part of the official " Fêtons nos 400 ans " celebrations.

June 13th will remain a day to be remembered as for the first time ever in the history of North American airshows, and for the first time in the history of the world's greatest national aerobatic teams, all ground and air crews from the RCAF Snowbirds, the USAF Thunderbirds, the US Navy and Marines Blue Angels, and the RAF Red Arrows met in an airshow to perform and to gather for THE official picture.

Congratulations to all of them for having gathered for the performances and the photo shooting. And many thanks to the Fondation Maurice Tanguay who cares on children health in Quebec, for having put on such a sensational event.





It is with big regrets that the big mistake was done by french authorities to have forgotten that there was a real airshow there, so then they have not sent the Patrouille de France. There were many good thoughts by american chaps from the USAF team there to the french guys, as we all know that Patrouille de France members would have enjoyed to be part of the party. But for the occasion I was " representing France " having been shot with the Blue Angels guys with my own Nikon camera. Many thanks to all of them.






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