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Midnight Sun Airshow 2009 - Red nights in western Finland. 07/25/2009


 Midnight Sun Airshow 2009 Lentajien Juhannus 2009  - Finland  .

Once I had payed my first visit to the Midnight Sun Airshow 2008 (or Midsummer Eve Airshow 2008) at Kauhava on June 18th 2008, I decided once more to fly back to Vaasa airport and drive the same road paths accross the finnish western coast and forests to Kauhava finnish air force base , in order to attend the same airshow. This area of Europe is close to the arctic circle, and as Spring ends in the third week of June every year, the black night never comes in, and the night sky is coloured with a unique red glow sunlight creating a special atmosphere.
Midnight Sun Airshow 2008 did not attract any foreign participation. To the Finnish Air Academy that is stationned there, it was the opportunity to run a special static display featuring their latest upgraded Hawk. The Finnish Army NH-90 performed its fit Air Display ever, and it was always nice to see the last finnish Potez Fouga Magister being on display. A solo Boeing F-18 C Hornet and the local Midnight Hawks national team - flying four Bae Hawks training jets - offered individual and common routines with more flares as any visitor would imagine to see in a single night show, adding fine effects to these special natural sky colours. Really jest sounds and engines shockwaves contrats with harmony in this flat, wooden and peacefull country. Though I have still not come across somme of the local animals that are supposed to cross the roads, I was treated with lots of real sea birds.







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