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AirPower09 : the airshow at full length. 07/08/2009


AirPower 2009  : lens at full lenght ...

280.000 visitors could not be disappointed with what they saw during a 9 hours and a half non-stop air display on two days .

I have been waiting for four years for another airshow to take place again at Zeltweg ; here is a photo record of just a few things people could see during the huge international airshow at Zeltweg. I am sorry if you don't see your favourite team here but I had to make a raw selection. More photographs from AirPower09 will appear in the future in that magazine. What was the best display of that event ? Was it the Air Race, a jet fighter, a warbird, a vintage airliner, or gliders ? It is hard to choose and Sky-Lens'Aviation' s selection is the RNLAF F-16 Solo display as the best jet fighter routine, the Flying Bull's DC-6B as the best vintage aircraft, the Flying Bulls Cobra helicopter as the best helo show, the Turkish Stars were the best national aerobatic team, and the Blanix twin L-13 glider team as the best team overall.



It is a wrong idea to rank the AirPower airshow as a fast jets, military hardware and national teams events. Warbirds enthusiasts were very well treated. Dutch Association Yakovlev Yak-3 U representing the first type of aircraft that used to equip the Austrian Forces after 1945 ranked in the display list of items, including also a Me-109 G-4 from EADS, three Hunters and a Vampire from Hunterverein. Plane Salling Catalina, the last flying Douglas DC-2 with vintage KLM markings from the Aviodrome at Lelystadt (Netherlands), Dornier DO-24ATT flown by Irene Dornier, grandson of the famous sailplanes designer competed against the former Tito DC-6B owned by the Flying Bulls at Salzburg. Walter Eichhorn used to be EADS Me-109 G-4 pilot flying from Manching air base. During AirPower, he was demonstrating his aerobatic skills with his son Toni, flying two Red Bulls owned T-6. Last but not least one more former USAAC training airplane was in the flying program ; a Boeing PT-17 Stearman. Interestingly enough is that it was found by the 'Bulls' in a californian barn, not to forget it could have something to do with famous 'barnstormers' who invented airshows while flying crazy such airplanes in the 1920s and 30s.

... Dutch Airlines DC-2 AJU , DO-24ATT, Lockheed P-38 L Lightning and DC-6B ...




... Eurofighter Typhoon galore, first hungarian Jas-39 Gripen and belgian F-16 solo ... 




Fewer jets flew at AirPower09 than at last AirPower05. As with other airshows anywhere else, there are less jet solo displays than a few years ago. But it looks as if fast jets displays are more spectacular now than they used to be twenty years ago, as 4th Generation aircraft bear more technology, power and agility than previous ones. It is the reason why to my point of view, 'less' does mean better quality with fast jest shows. Noticeably belgian and dutch F-16 solos flew away with their spare aircraft on Saturday morning to join Reims airshow. But to add one more spectacular act to the event, these four items took off and improvised a four Viper short display with flypasts to pay farewell to the public. Many enthusiasts may be disappointed with the cancelled hungarian Air Force MiG-29, but I had not really bet any coin that this one would really be at Zeltweg as no more than six Fulcrums are still flyable in that Air Force today. But the magyars flew one of their new Saab Jas-39 Gripens far better than the swedish have always done. The Czech Air Force Gripen rehearsed on Thursday, but though it flew also with professionalism, it did not appear on public days, being kept as a spare item for the hungarian one.

... subdued light, sounds and shockwaves ... 





... and jet fighter airplanes scorching the Styrian Alps ...


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