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Harry S.Truman Air Wing takes part to French Navy 100th Celebrations. 08/23/2010


  ...  Gunslingers scorching Hyères ...,

French Naval Aviation celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 13th at BAN Hyères Air Base, near Toulon. Not only it was one of the best airshows ever staged in France for long, but also it was the opportunity for the US Navy to take part to a military display in Europe with its own hardware. It is not a common fact that a formation of four US Navy Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet flies a full display in a military airshow even in the United States. The US Navy also displayed a Hawkeye from VAW-126 Sea Hawks and a Sea Hawk helicopter. All aircraft flew in from USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) aircraft being near Toulon military harbour. They were part of the Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW 3). Aircraft Carrier Harry S. Truman was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea in the end of May 2010, as part of the maritime security operations in the area involving 5th and 6th Fleets.


  .... VFA-105 Gunslinger .... . ,



 .. .... hosted by the Aéronautique Naval  .... .. ,

Apart from the US boys, the Aéronavale had the pleasure to see participation from both Italian and Spanish Navies Harriers, at least one AV-8B from the Principe de Asturias being flown on display. Interestingly the German Navy displayed on static its last Atlantic, a few days before the plane was retired from service. All flying assets from the french Aéronavale were on static and flying display, mainly Rafale M F3 and Super Etendard SEM jetfighters, Breguet Atlantic ATL2, Alouette III helicopters, and also local 31F and 36F Panther and Lynx helicopters based on Hyères military airfield. The jets are normally stationned at Landivisiau, or embarked on the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier. Several Rafale from 12 F Squadron flew to Hyères for the event only, though the solo flying display was performed by Cdt Cedric Ruet on a french Air Force Rafale B from St Dizier Air Force Base. In both the air force and the navy, the Rafale is multirole 4th Generation combat aircraft, most capabilities being " similar " to the Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet.



  .. .... hosted by the Aéronautique Navale   .... .. ,


Interestingly, french Navy and US Navy had conducted five days of interoperability exercices the week before the airshow. As part of the exchange a 12 F Rafale was operated from USS Harry S. Truman, and an engine wap-out was first ever conducted on the US Carrier with one of these french jets. The operation was done in three hours by a seven man french maintenance team. The exercice was to show interoperability between french and US carriers and their respective combat aircraft, and also strenghtened the always excellent reliationships between both navies. For that reason VA-105 Gunslingers sent four Super Hornets to the show.



  .... VFA-105 Gunslingerand  VAW-126 Sea Hawks ,

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